This week’s menu

Today has been CRAZY! If you didn’t know, our house is on the market and has been for 3 weeks. The amount of people we have shown our home to is crazy! I know that in the end it will end up in the right hands, but for now I struggle with keeping it clean and having a tiny tornado here all of the time. I’m worn out! We did however make our day super productive. We showed the house at 2 our 1 o’clock didn’t show. After our 2 o’clock we headed to the groccery store (yes, all 3 of us) and as we pull off of our street I get a text.. can I show your house at 4:30? Friends, it is 3:20. My reply.. Heck yes you can! Chris gun it, we are making this a record setting shopping trip!

We made it to Sprouts and Reasor’s then home by 4:28. Not going to lie, I am pretty proud of us. If you do take your kids and husband, give them a job. Chris took Drake to get a cookie then they had to grind the coffee and find the nuts. That way they are not under my feet and I am trying to run circles around them. And when your kid sees you across the store and says I SEE MOMMY and comes running into open arms it will melt you into a puddle right there in the store. (and everyone around you).

Here is how my meal planning went today waiting on our 1 o’clock showing. Both boys down for a nap! Yahtzee! (That is Chris – my 6′ tall husband,even though he looks strangely tiny in this picture)

Since we were in a time crunch I didn’t get the chance to re-write my list by department (LOL – Its seriously hard to type that without rolling my eyes at myself). Here is what is on the menu for this week. I didn’t do a breakfast or lunch because we have lunch meat left over from last week when I was under the weather and we have bacon and eggs that need to be eaten. Hash it is.. :)Anyways.. Here is this weeks menu!

I will post the recipes as they happen. Fingers crossed I sell my house and won’t have time to blog every night!

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