Real Life

Life Rant:

Sometimes life is a circus and you just have to laugh. Today we had a birthday for the beautiful.. we will call her Minnie Mouse. We always love seeing this family and all of our mutual friends. Minnie’s bow-tique was at one of the local gymnastics places. I wore my cute white capris and nice top with some cute sandals, my hair was fixed.. well little did I know I would be sliding down slides and all over the inflatables AND in the foam pit all in the first 30 mins… While my sweet husband stood in the balcony talking to his buddies. Typical.

I love my husband, he helps often and loves us more than anything else in the world. I am not a husband basher, that guy is my lover, best friend and partner in everything.

As Minnie opened her presents my sweet child decides, “hey! the front doors are open, I need to run out and run down the street!” Mind you, the kid has 1 lung that contributes. My husband had to sprint to catch the little mess as he high tailed it through the front door cackling because he knew Daddy would chase him. How do you get kids to stop running away? He thinks its hysterical! He has also started unlocking doors. *Big Sigh* Pray for me!

He turned 2 in March. This past week he has been HORRIBLE. He spoke in dolphin when he was younger, well now he is back at it. This kid I swear, may crack a window sometime soon. If I do it back, he laughs. I am a spanker. My parents busted me and I deserved every single one, however they did not work for me. Very rarely did a spanking, no matter how hard, catch my attention. My parents used switches, belts, Mammaw used a paddle or spatula. I looked them dead in the eye and said, “that didn’t hurt”. Folks…. we are screwed. Little Drake is his Momma’s boy with his Daddy’s temper.

We have decided time outs are the way to go. The problem… where in my house are there not little boy toys? A chair in the corner of the room. LOL yea… that works great for the little monkey. He cant sit still when he isn’t screaming and limp noodling on the floor.

We have started putting him in his big boy bed at night and closing the door after very long drawn out readings of Goodnight Moon and if we are lucky a few other books. Why the HELL do kids like that book so much. Let’s be honest, its creepy. Like in the same creepy as the fables and nursery rhymes. Who decided these were for little kids? The “quiet old lady whispering hush” creeps me out. Say it is the bunny’s grandma or something. Just weird.

Anyway the point of this short rant/post is that I put my son in his bed at 8:30 tonight. He fell asleep at 10:45. My son is a Thank you and Please kid. Don’t know how we did it, but he is. His newest thing, if you sneeze or he sneezes he says, “Bless You”. Melts my heart. Tonight he sneezed, said Bless you, then proceeded to get the box of Kleenex and empty it into his bed. I watched him on the monitor do it. I knew that if I tried to go in there he would not let me back out without another huge tantrum and Mommy Sleep Mommy Sleep. LOL So once I finish here, I will go to him room and try to find all of the Kleenex mess in and around his bed.

I am soaking up every second of the little funny comments and the way he says things. “Hold you Mommy” “Wub You Too Mommy” “Mommy make Bettah”

Somedays I struggle to think I want another, but then again a friend for Drake would mean Mommy gets to at least sit back and watch. He is all boy and wears me smooth out most days, but I wouldn’t trade a single second. Be patient and cherish every moment. Slow down. Just like God tells us to “Be Still” for him, we have to in turn “Be Still” for our babies. Susie and Missy’s Facebook status updates are not that important. I struggle with this everyday. I catch myself multiple times telling myself to unplug! put down your phone!

The struggle is real. Bottom line, you love your kids. You are an Awesome parent. Be you! They need You!

Rant over. Mommy out.
Update: He emptied the entire box. They were stuffed in his pillowcase, back of his shorts, all under the covers, all over Mickey you can imagine. He had 3 books in his bed and a light up turtle. The very best part, once he emptied the Kleenex box he so sweetly put it back on his table. At least he has manners? Must have been a heck of a snotty nose.

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