Seriously Slacking

.. Ya’ll my life has been absolutely insane lately. I will not get into details yet, we have so much going on I don’t want to jinx or say something I shouldn’t. In time I will bore you with my crazy real life. My only comment on the subject is that you must trust God. No matter what you are going through, you are not alone. He will provide. Multiple times in the past couple of weeks I have felt God physically wrap me up and tell me to breathe – weird sensation, but it is the honest truth. Trust Him. Be still.

Moving on…. We sold our house!! Yay! I think…. I am happy, scared, excited, a nervous wreck… the list goes on. Packing with a two-year-old and all of the super fun things that come with them is a whole new ballgame! I thought it was rough just moving Chris and myself. HA! I had no idea. Drake is loving the boxes through.. his favorite part is dumping them out when I turn around… then says “ Soddy Mommy – Give Hugs!” How can you stay mad at that? The kid has us totally figured out.

Our dinner schedule has been a joke. With showings, inspections, family in town, doctors appts and packing it has been pizza and beer a few too many nights and my waistline is definitely showing it. With that being said, I have cooked a few times and am still on my original menu. I will be posting a few recipes that we have managed to get done.

Hope this update finds you all well and you have a fabulous week!

Exhausted, but still here.. Cace

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