Beautiful Woman – My Mammaw Sandra

Just when we thought everything was slowing down a little I got a phone call from my mom telling me that my Mammaw Sandra was close to the end. This woman is the absolute strongest woman I have ever seen/known/met. She has had a very tough life and made the most out of every hand she was dealt. She was the most incredible wife and mother to my mom, aunt and uncle being sure they had everything they needed when she had very little to make it happen. She was always positive and “put on her big girl panties”. She was a prankster, smartass and smothering loving woman. I LOVE that she has passed those traits on to me and my sister. We will forever strive to fill her shoes.

Drake and I were able to facetime and tell her how much we loved her on the day she passed. I will always be humbled by her memory. When we have gone through rough patches, I knew it could always be worse. We had our home. We had each other. We have such a strong supporting family. It is because of this woman that I am as strong as I am. Both of my grandmothers are increcible and I would not be the person, wife or mother I am without their influence and guidance, not only in me, but my parents as well.

She ran her own daycare for years and touched so many lives. She raised my mother to be as beautiful and nurturing inside as she is out. I am forever grateful to my Mammaw for all of the greatness she instilled in me. My favorite thing to see was her interact with Drake. He was such a joy to her and I will cherish those memories always.

She was in bad health for a very long time and if you asked her, she was so ready to go home. She missed her own mother and was so beyond excited to meet her Heavenly Father face to face. It is so bittersweet. I know she is home, happy and loving every second, looking down on us. Honestly, I am waiting for some kind of prank. I miss her dearly, but look forward to seeing her again. Fly High Sweet Angel. You are so dearly loved and missed. Scan_20180123 (17).png

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  1. DeAnna Ray says:

    Knowing you and your mom, I can just imagine the kind of person your Mammaw was. You are beautiful strong nurturing compassionate women. I’m sorry she is physically gone but I know she will be with you forever. Bless you.


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