Drake is 3!!!

Ya’ll…. I am so busy but the thing is, I’m not sure what I have been busy with? other than Drake of course who never stops. He turned 3!!! I can’t believe it. The birthday party was of course Minion themed. He helped me design invitations and pick out all of the decorations. The kid has an opinion that is for sure! This birthday was on for the record books, I am not sure how I will ever top it. Here is why….

When Chris had his “incident” the first firefighter to our house was a man named Seth. He is the Captain at our station and head of the group “Pink Heals NWA” If you are looking for a charity to jump on board with, this is a great one! He was not only the one that looked after Chris, but he was my person in all of this. He swept up the broken oven glass, he made sure I was ok and then once Chris was taken out of the house he grabbed my hands and looked me in the face and said.. Ok, What do I need to do to get you on the road? He put up my dog and held Drake while I put on, get this.. jeans and mascara! (really Cace?) Anyway, as we are standing in the driveway waiting for ambulance to leave he is trying to distract me and hands me his card. He asked if Drake liked fire trucks and my response was DUH! He was loving all of the lights on our street at the moment.. He then told me he had his own police car and firetruck and once the dust settled he would love to take Drake for a ride! Well in the moment that was great, but only later did it really register. I lost his card and found it 2 weeks before the birthday party. I called him and he said if I could do it at a specific time he could have his firetruck, as well as the guys from our local station and their truck. You guys….. there were 2 firetrucks in front of our house. On top of that greatness almost ALL of our friends invited drove all the way from Oklahoma! Some, including my family, 5+ hours!!!!!! It was amazing! We had people calling day of telling us they were coming so I had my dad in the floor stuffing new treat bags – including restuffing the ones Drake dumped all over the floor – and my step mom doing anything and everything I asked! This party would not have been as successful without them! ❤

Needless to say the day was full of emotion, especially when I saw Seth again. Not going to lie, I ugly girl cried which in turn made all of the women, my dad and Chris extra misty eyed. Seriously, I will never be able to re-pay that man for holding me together when my world was completely upside down. Hug your husbands extra tight friends!

Shoutout to Alexander Baking Co in downtown Rogers, AR for the perfect delicious cake! She did an awesome job! Hannah & Cheyenne for bringing me Rose, my dad and step mom Sherri for making it all happen AND my awesome husband for loving me so much, even when he is at risk for my head spinning off. I love to party plan!

THANK YOU to all of our friends and family that were able to come! It far surpassed my expectations!!!!! We are the luckiest family to be surrounded by so many amazing people!


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