Quick Snack – Larbar vs Quest Bar

Snacks… I am not a dietician, nutritionist, doctor… no certifications or credentials to tell you what is healthy and what is not, I am simply telling you what works for my family! Thank you to the 5 people (mom & dad, husband, in laws) that follow my blog and listen to me rant……… 😉 Love you!

I used to love Larbar, but like some of you I really try to limit our sugar intake. I really do think sugar is our biggest enemy. Chris turned me onto some Quest bars not too long ago and I think they are delicious! There are some days when this is just what I need. I have 0 time to feed myself or cook and this is a quick fix. You can get them at most grocery stores. Walmart has them in the pharmacy health food section. img_7896img_7568


I will just leave this here. I understand there are a lot of factors so You do You! I just wanted to show you a protein bar that has less than 1g of sugar in each bar and they are delicious!

Also I have to show you my children and how I make them ride when they are both running away from me and no one listens. Both get stuck in the cart. They fight the entire time and it makes me laugh. Ha! Drake was mad because he couldn’t take the chickens and ducks home with us and Deuce was upset because he couldn’t play/eat them all! img_7751




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