I cook my husband breakfast every morning….

Now for those women who don’t read the rest of this post I can just see them rolling their eyes and saying in their best Annie on Bridesmaids voice, “Oh you doooooo….” Now I understand that is super annoying, but I will share my secret. My husband thinks I am the greatest wife ever, boy do I have him fooled. I really just play outside all day with our little heathen and he works his butt off. Seriously, that guy works way too hard. If I can make his/our lives a little easier by doing something simple, you can bet I will do it!

We have tried so many different breakfast options. He likes breakfast much more than me. I am more a banana then snack at 10 then lunch at 12 kinda girl. šŸ™‚ We have tried so many different muffins, egg cups, scrambles and lately we have landed on just an egg scramble. I make it on Sunday and just like that…he has a healthy breakfast every morning. This is a Cace original, but it changes every week.


1 Bell Pepper ā€“ chopped

1 small onion ā€“ chopped

2 serrano peppers ā€“ chopped (seeds in for spice)

2 handfuls fresh spinach

1 handful cherry tomatoes ā€“ sliced

1 handful cilantro ā€“ chopped

1 lb. breakfast sausage

3 ā€“ 4 slices bacon

8 eggs – whisked


Brown Sausage in large skillet. Transfer into strainer.

Cook Bacon in the same skillet. Remove ā€“ leaving behind about a tablespoon of bacon grease.

While pan is still hot, add the chopped onion. Cook medium heat for apx 3 mins. While onions are cooking chop bacon.

Add serrano and bell peppers. Cook 2 mins. Stirring occasionally to keep from burning.

Add tomato ā€“ cook 1 min


Add spinach ā€“ cook 1 min

Add browned sausage & chopped bacon

Add chopped cilantro

Pour whisked eggs over the top then mix. Stir occasionally until eggs are cooked through.


Transfer to a bowl and serve immediately OR let it rest uncovered at least 5 mins then cover and place in refrigerator. This will keep for about a week.

Now Chris can just spoon some out and heat in microwave or skillet on the stove every morning. I did not use seasoning BECAUSE we are pretty salt sensitive and the sausage and bacon have plenty for us.

Before I had Drake I would have crushed a breakfast like this, but starting 6 weeks pregnant with him eggs have been TOTALLY off my menu. I am just now starting to eat them again, but only certain ways. Pregnancy is so weird.

Hope you all enjoy! Drake will even smell this cooking and say.. “Mommy!! Smells Tasty!!!!!!!!!”




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