Our Garden

You guys….it is 78 degrees outside and I am sitting in my sunroom with the door open, breeze blowing in, Drake just went down for a nap, I smell like sweat and dirt, AND my husband told me to check the freezer top shelf and do you know what?……..I just finished the entire Reeces he left for me! (best husband ever!) I am so in my happy place!

I have always always loved flower gardens, but until about 4 years ago had never tried veggies or herbs. Well to be honest I didn’t eat veggies or herbs until about 4 years ago…..lol SO I usually have a winter garden and am able to keep it pretty under control, but with moving and life being a little nuts lately we are just now getting our seeds going and garden ready for babies. This morning Drake and I were outside from 8-12:30 digging all of the weeds out of our garden bed. The people we bought the house from had a small raised bed that is really the perfect size.

I wanted to share how I “garden” and just show you some of our progress pictures. This year is especially fun because Drake was able to help! He put the dirt in the little cups, seeds in the holes and he waters everyday. Maybe a little too much water love, but hey…theyre doing great! I have these sitting in my sunroom (AKA: Drake’s play room/tornado room/my office) It is so nice to be able to explain how everything grows. God gives us sunshine and rain and it makes everything grow. All comes full circle.


When it was a little cool outside and not as warm in the sunroom I stuck these trays outside to give them a little sunlight. They are covered so it works really well. THEN…. Grace here dropped an entire tray of seed babies. This was 2 days after planting so it’s not like I could save them. I had no clue what was what and most of the seeds were so small we just had to go back to the store and start over. Drake and Dad to the rescue. Chris heard my “Well that’s just GREAT CACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and came out to see what I had done this time. His words exactly…. “Oh Honey…. Ok, go change. I am buying dinner.” Some days you just struggle and I wear my heart and emotions right on my sleeve. He gets me. While I went to change he and Drake went to get the shop-vac and cleaned it all up for me. **Insert gushy baby talk and face.. I wuv them so much!**

Soo.. I now have everything replanted and we are rolling on seed growth! Hopefully we are finally done with freezes, although it would NOT surprise me. Yesterday Drake and I took his Jack O-Wanterns that were about a foot tall and stuck them along the tree line in the backyard. I figure if they grow great, if not, oh well I know where I can get a few come October.

I use the Jiffy Natural & Organic Seed Starting Mix, fill the little pods and make a fingerprint to put the seeds in. I then dust them with a little more dirt or just press them in until they are barely covered then take my spray bottle of water and wet it down. If you use water from a can or jar it will float the seeds to the top and I don’t know how well that will work out for you. After I start to see a little green I mix a mixture in my spray bottle of Fish fertilizer and water. Everything I grow LOVES this stuff. It doesn’t burn plants either. Thank you Melissa for this awesome idea! Everything I have planted grows.. seriously. Native Americans when planting would take fish carcasses and throw them in the hole with what they were planting. How can you get more organic than that? Now I will warn you… this stuff smells……..lovely and if you keep your seed starters indoors (which I do) it will make your home smell…..lovely!

Side note: Please notice my son’s black eye…. I swear! you should see his shins. All boy! Wild Child. This is what happens when you are 200mph, in constant motion and spend as much time as possible outside. He hit it on a chair rail 😦

Now that I have shared my secrets I am going to check on all of the other babies I have growing around my home and soak up some extra Vitamin D before little man wakes up!


Hope you all have an awesome, amazing day!





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