Let your husband cook..

Now I know that a lot of men cook and truly enjoy it, but I think all men love to grill. Chris loves to cook, but rarely has the time lately. He loves to grill and I love the grill flavoring, especially when its nice outside and I have a cold beer in my hand..

SO last night I had everything prepped and the grill started when Chris got home. He’s still working crazy hours. I promised when I made this blog that I would post real life, not sugar coating. I have a beautiful life, but really its a beautiful mess. Don’t compare yourselves or your family to others. You do you and what makes you and your family happiest!  Today was absolutely beaufitul so Drake and I spent yet another day outside… alllllllll day! He even let me have one of his popscicles. Such a sweet boy. Then he “painted” my leg with his… that had taste nasty!

I had a few things in my fridge about to go bad so I pieced together a meal and it was pretty good, but it was kind of a disaster too. I had 2 plantains that I usually fry in a little avocado oil, but decided to bake… on foil. It stuck and I had to cut them off then overcooked them in the oven, but they were edible. I had brussels sprouts that weren’t going to last much longer so we put those in a little foil plate on the grill. These turned out really good. We had squash and zucchini that was overcooked. lol My dad got us one of those grill mats a couple of years ago and this was our first time using it. To add to not being familiar with it, Drake and I had Chris distracted and those were over cooked. BUT the burgers turned out great! Chris cooked them perfectly and we added a little swiss cheese (because I had some left over that needed to be eaten), avocado and a fried egg! (because burgers are better with a fried egg) Basically this was a refrigerator clean out meal that was almost a fail but we made it work! Bonus… I didn’t have to cook it and got to watch the sunset, little boy run around in his undies and boots and Chris did all of the work. That’s a win in my book!

Sometimes things burn, overcook and arent super delicious, but that’s life and the atmosphere was so great that it was worth it. I still devoured it, let’s be honest. img_8165

Get outside and Enjoy!




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