Hi! My name is Cace (KC).If you are reading this, chances are you are 1. my mom 2. one of my family members or 3. one of my close friends. I am simply a stay at home wife/mom surviving on coffee, sticky toddler hugs and kisses and a whooooole lot of Jesus! I juggle a crazy life and try to keep everyone (for the most part) happy. I am married to my very best friend and lover who builds beautiful things and never ceases to amaze me.  We have an amazing 2 year old son named Drake. He is the light of our lives! He is my helper in any and all things. We are never apart and with the exception of some really super peaceful grocery store trips alone. I would not trade a single second for the world. Chris has built 80% of the furniture in our home and it is absolutely beautiful. God opened new doors for us recently and is allowing us to pursue our passion and start our dream business. My husband is a fabulous woodworker and I design digital invitations, restore furniture and ramble about my crazy imperfect/perfect life to all of you who listen!

I worked full time before we had our son and then our life was turned upside down when he was 6 months old. I will not get into the technicalities, but basically our son is a unicorn. He has a congenital heart defect, the use of one lung and shoulder deformity. (Scimitar Syndrome – PAPVR w/hypoplasic right lung & Sprengle’s Deformity for all of the nerds that love that stuff) This means daycare/Mommy’s day out is not an option for us. He gets me! 🙂 (Which I LOVE!) We are not made of money. Dave Ramsey has made our marriage (easy is not the word!) less argumentative? By using his methods and some serious discipline I am able to stay home and try to keep up with our Drake. I will write a separate post dedicated to how I organize my weekly menu and save big bucks.

I am starting this blog simply because I LOVE to cook. My mom, although she is the greatest mom ever..is not the greatest cook and growing up we usually ate boxed or drive through, with the exception of a delicious taco salad. I tried my hand at cooking, but really fell in love with it when my husband and I started getting into the Paleo lifestyle. Chris (My husband) was having severe stomach pains and after seeing multiple doctors no one could tell him a single diagnosis. We did a whole 30 and felt the best either of us had every felt! We slowly started re-introducing grains back into our diet and the pains started again. Since cutting grains he can tell a significant difference. Paleo has such a mixed reputation. Paleo is basically free of: dairy, grains, and anything processed. I will let you google it.

We are not perfect!! In fact last night, after a terribly rough week we went to Bricktown Brewery here in Tulsa and CRUSHED some delicious pizza full of gluten and Millie’s red ales. We love to try new things and if we are being honest here, when we go out it is usually not Paleo. (The drinks definitely are not)

I am not trained what-so-ever in the culinary field. I am simply a Mom that loves to cook healthy, fresh meals. I love to post pictures and share recipes of my total wins and epic fails. I cannot tell you how many times a week someone says, you need to start a blog so I can use all of your recipes. I am in no way taking credit for each of these recipes. I will tell you if I tweak something, but with the exception of a few of my weird Cace specials, my posts will have the source of the recipe clearly posted. I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder.

My main goal with this blog is to show families that cooking healthy can be Fun and should not be a huge chore and burden each day. With food prep, batch cooking and giving each family member a job it is do-able. My son is 2… he is usually under my feet, pulling down my pants, yelling/singing/racing through my kitchen, Mickey Mouse or Paw Patrol are always on and sometimes trucks end up in our food! My handy husband built him a kitchen helper which is the greatest invention EVER! If you are interested in one, I can get you a price. The base is adjustable and will grow with Drake. It saves me!

I hope you enjoy my rambling and grammatical errors. I type like I talk…it will be better if you read this with a southern accent and play some loud cartoons in the back ground. Fair warning I SQUIRREL frequently and get lost in another topic but I will try to come back and finish my thoughts. Some recipes you may not want to try, but I encourage you to branch out, try new things! I am a small town rancher’s daughter who grew up on hamburger helper, steak w/baked potato & taco salad. I am a mom trying to juggle our home business, parenting, gardening and most importantly loving every second! Enjoy your food! Fuel your body with good stuff! If I can do this… you can too!